Test Drive

Introducing the World's first, low impact, flexible wheelchair pushrim. Only the FlexRim offers you the following benefits:

Low Impact – The FlexRim “flexes” to protect your hands and arms from impact loading.

Ergonomic Grip – The soft high friction rubber conforms to your hand, so gripping is easy.

Efficient – It takes less energy to push, so you can go further before getting fatigued.

Powerful – Pushes are more powerful, so you push less and coast more.

Lightweight – Adds less than 5 oz per wheel.

Safe – No gaps or metal tabs, so your thumb won’t get jammed or stuck in the pushrim.

Increased Access – Narrower than a standard pushrim and squeezes inwards to get through narrow doorways.

Hygienic – No need to grab the tire, so hands stay clean.